The Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Kingdom Vision 2030 in Education

With the limitless support of our wise leadership, The Ministry of Education has been working tirelessly to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in Human Capacity Development. It also contributes in the society development and strengthening partnership with its individuals and institutions.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education is implementing many programs, initiatives and development projects that respond to future needs; enhance skills and capabilities; develop curricula and study plans, expand early childhood programs, further improve e-learning, and distance education. In addition to meeting the learning objectives of general education, and university, technical and vocational training that fulfill needs of the labor market and future jobs. The Ministry focuses on developing research programs, supporting the research system and innovation in universities, promoting investment opportunities in quality education, and working to develop systems and governance procedures to implement effective digital transformation programs. At the same time, it aims to enhance international cooperation and work towards women’s empowerment, including in leadership positions.