About the conference

The Conference and the Exhibition Aspirations and Goals

The Saudi Ministry of Education has planned this conference and its international exhibition to be one of the most prominent specialized educational events; providing a global framework for communication and experience sharing, in accordance with international best practices. It is the foremost platform where the Ministry seeks to communicate with leading academics and world-renowned educational institutions, bringing them together under one roof, to discuss mutual cooperation aimed at upgrading the quality of education to the highest international standards. The goal is to build a knowledge society and contribute to the continued development of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition and conference are about creating an education environment that transcends borders, to reach new horizons of global cooperation, and establish strong ties with the world’s most renowned institutions and educational bodies to achieve the single common goal of building citizens of the future.

This goal has resulted in a set of education related objectives in the Kingdom, which are as follows: 

  •  Contribute to strengthening the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and affirming its role as an active force in civilization, science, and human progress.
  •  Review opportunities for the development of education in the Kingdom, invest in its potential, and provide educational support from childhood.
  •  Share experiences that reflect the desire for global development and competitiveness.
  •  Promote opportunities for local and international participation in the provision of education.
  •  Introduce incentives to invest in education and attract local and international opportunities.
  •  Overcome the challenges facing education in the Kingdom and provide solutions that contribute to raising the level of its outputs, and the efficiency of its institutions, in accordance with international standards and best indicators of measurement and evaluation.

The Conference and Exhibition will provide a platform to showcase new trends, data, and modern applications in the field of learning and teaching. This includes the continued development of digital skills and their incorporation into the curriculum; integrated education, and other topics that enrich the kingdom’s experiences, from kindergarten schools and primary grades, such as Madrasati and Rawdati Platforms to the highest levels of education and research. The Conference and Exhibition are, therefore, a global platform offering all participants the opportunity to share their innovative know-how, which will support the competitive edge of the Saudi Education system.


The Conference is certified by the CPD certification service – United Kingdom.

CPD, which stands for Continuing Professional Development, is an independent international recognition and certification acknowledging Conferences, training sessions or knowledge sharing Program, as practical, trustable, beneficial and helpful for special competences development and professional skills enhancement.

The CPD Certification is the technical and scientific endorsement of the deep seriousness of a Conference and the acknowledgment of the positive impact on participants.