About the exhibition


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The exhibition will offer:
  • An effective channel of communication between Saudi educational and cultural departments and institutions and its international counterparts.
  • Direct interaction with a wide range of visitors, from specialists, professors, students, companies, and institutions serving the education sector, to the formation of outstanding and joint business projects.
  • Opportunities for companies and institutions that provide products and services that serve the education sector, or invest in infrastructure projects, research, and innovation.
More than 100,000 visitors are expected to participate and visit the conference and exhibition, including:
  • Senior officials from the Ministry of Education, heads of public and private universities and their employees, students and professors at colleges and institutes.
  • Diplomatic delegations from all countries to see the major achievements made in the Kingdom and the progress that has taken place in the education sector in general.
  • A selection of experts and lecturers in the field of education from all over the world, and those interested in the field of education from all over the Kingdom and surrounding countries.
  • Company managers, educational and technical institutions, procurement representatives, distributors, and retailers.
Innovation & Targeted Visitors:

The International Education Conference and Exhibition presents the latest innovations in educational technologies and solutions, reflecting the strong attendance of decision makers from the education sector and investors. The success of an event of this magnitude is reinforced by close partnerships with all education partners and their employees, investors in the public and private education sectors, commercial buyers and retailers and education specialists, as well as policy makers and government officials seeking to adopt the latest technologies and solutions in the education sector.